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Expert AI Project Consultants

You recognize the value that artificial intelligence can bring to your team. You know it can help automate your existing workflows and save resources, help you make decisions faster, and relieve your overburdened team of mundane tasks. But you’re not quite sure where to start. Let our AI  A-Teams help out! Lucid Jigsaw provides an entire AI project startup in a box: experienced defense AI project managers, innovative AI developers, data scientists, and our proven end-to-end AI architecture. Push the easy button and let Lucid Jigsaw help set up your AI enterprise!

Push the AI Easy Button:
  • Lucid Jigsaw provides everything you need to rapidly jumpstart a new AI project
  • We specialize exclusively in automating defense and intelligence workflows
  • Our AI Team has a long track record successfully launching defense AI projects
  • You detail your desired end-state: our expert consultants provide the rest
  • We work fast: get your new AI solution implemented in as little as 3 months
  • We work with your data: we have deep experience integrating existing data
  • Avoid costly pitfalls: we will help you avoid common AI project mistakes
  • Save time and money by using expert AI consultants
  • Lucid Jigsaw provides tailorable AI project blueprints on day one
  • It's your project: but we are onsite next to you every step of the way
  • AI helps save you money by automating existing workflows
  • AI reduces workforce turnover by automating mundane workflows
  • AI helps you shorten decision making time
  • AI helps you make sense of exponentially more data points than a human alone
  • Human-Machine teaming means far more efficient resource allocation   

Our Story

Lucid Jigsaw was founded with one mission in mind: to help jumpstart and scale AI projects for the defense enterprise and intelligence community. Our greatest value is that we understand defense workflows and we know AI: our executive team are combat veterans and intelligence officers who experienced firsthand the force multiplying value of AI. 


The Lucid Jigsaw team has experience setting up and scaling new AI project at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the US Army Asymmetric Warfare Group, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, and others. Our algorithm development partners have a proven history of scaling next-generation AI products at Apple, Uber, Otto, and other technology firms. Our team has provided decades of data interoperability and information management services to the US Marine Corps and other government clients.


We have an extensive track record building and rapidly deploying defense AI projects.

You have an idea, we have an AI solution. Don’t go it alone – call the AI A-Team!



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